The Crossover Alliance needs your help!


The Crossover Alliance is an online publishing company that seeks to publish stories in a completely new genre, edgy Christian speculative fiction. What is edgy Christian speculative fiction? It covers a wide variety of content that ranges from fantasy to science fiction, horror and beyond. The goal of this new publishing entity is to deliver real-world, gritty content that much of Christian fiction is missing today, while shining a light on the Christian message.

In order to have the best chance of success, The Crossover Alliance needs your help. An Indiegogo campaign has been set up to help fund the first year costs for this new venture. The goal is to raise $1500, with a generous donor willing to match dollar for dollar up to that amount! The funds raised will support the fiction catalog for the first year, which will include at the very least, six fiction books, including my very own Adverse Possession.

Many traditional publishers, both Christian and secular, have tended to shy away from this type of content; Christian publishers because it is too edgy, and secular publishers because it is too Christian. This forces many authors into self-publishing, scattering their effectiveness. What The Crossover Alliance seeks to do is to unite the many talented authors who write in this genre under one umbrella with a shared vision for promoting real writing while sharing the message of Christianity with those who have the courage to seek it.

Donations can range anywhere from $5 to $1500 with a tiered reward structure to thank supporters. To help this dream become a reality check out the link to the Indiegogo campaign below. And don’t forget to check out the Crossover Alliance where the light shines brighter in the darkness.


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