Are You Ready to Face Beast?

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Beast is one monster of an action thriller. Fast-paced and firing on all cylinders, Mark Carver and Michael Anatra have created a realistic portrayal of a super machine that turns on its creators and crew in the most explosive of ways.

The characters are instantly relatable and tackle challenges with full knowledge of their mortality in the face of overwhelming odds. The strength of Beast lies in the development and interaction of its well-written characters that make us feel the danger, heat, exhaustion, and exhilaration as the story speeds towards its roller coaster climax.

Make no mistake that Beast will have you sweating right along with the rest of the book’s inhabitants who struggle with stubborn ferocity to stay ahead of the technological marvel’s many nasty tricks. Some monsters can be tamed, and some have a mind and will all their own. Beast is in a breed all by itself; sometimes providing a sliver of hope at just the right time, and sometimes convincing us that survival is just a futile illusion.

Will you ‘Man Up’ and face Beast? If you do, be prepared for a breakneck, action-packed adventure with twists and turns around every corner of the largest oil-drilling platform in history.

Beast is available for purchase everywhere eBooks are sold. More information may be found at:

Please note that this is a ‘Blue Label’ rated title from The Crossover Alliance. ‘Blue Label’ titles contain Christ-centered themes amidst coarse language, sexual references and/or violence. Most of the content found in these titles is not appropriate for readers younger than 16.

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